Vision and Mission

We are the preferred sidesourcing partner for the AEC industry, and the default sidesourcing partner for existing clients.
We are present and operating in the fastest growing sector and geographic markets globally.
We develop, and are distinguished by, a team of adept leaders and employees, all of whom are capable of ownership, initiative, and collaboration
We develop and leverage daily an extensive and growing library of data, of best practices, and design documents.
We create business efficiency by sidesourcing design documentation through a spirit of collaboration, ownership, and initiative.

The company is the global first choice for outsourced drafting and drawing services, in the architectural, engineering, construction, design and manufacturing industries.
It seeks to develop ongoing, growing and mutually profitable relationships with firms that have need of our services, and are either meeting that need in-house or with another outsource provider, and whose profitability would benefit from outsourcing to our firm.
We achieve that objective through a combination of pricing lower than it would cost the client to do the work in-house, and competitive to alternative outsource providers, and an obsessive commitment to providing superior, differentiated service, defined as sidesourcing. ​TO OUR TEAM MEMBERS
The company recognizes that its most important asset is its people, and that the only way it will develop the longstanding relationship the company seeks with its partners is through its team members.
Therefore the company strives to be a firm that offers its team members the ongoing and evolving opportunity to achieve their long-term professional, financial and personal objectives.
The company also strives to further develop in its people’s a sense of ownership in the firm’s activities and in individual projects; a sense of relationship, responsibility and commitment towards our partner clients; and an ability to collaborate across the firm.

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