New Employee Onboarding Template

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Onboarding Email

Welcome Email

Everyone is looking forward to welcoming you to the [COMPANY] team this week!
A few notes to get you started:
General Agenda
Your first day: plan to arrive between [ARRIVAL TIME], and [ONBOARDING BUDDY] will meet you in the lobby to show you around the building.
Your first week: [ONBOARDING BUDDY] has scheduled time for you to meet each of the [TEAM] team members, and you’ll spend extra time with [MANAGER] + the rest of the team to learn about current projects and workflows. You should have ample time to acclimate and explore resources in our Drive and your on-boarding roadmap in Coda.
Monday and Friday: we have a team SCRUM meeting. We all participate ー on Mondays we share our weekly focus/goals and Fridays we wrap up with progress report / updates. 
Tuesday: we have our Weekly Team All Hands where we review project updates, check on OKRs, and deep dive on a few prepared topics.

[COMPANY] uses a combination of Gmail, Slack, and Signal for communicating, as well as Zoom and Slack Calls for video conferencing. You should be all set up on the main communication channels, but please reach out if you’re having any issues connecting.
Work Hours
Most of us start each day between 8:00 am - 9:00 am and remain accessible during normal work hours, generally 8 am - 6 pm M-F. We use the #ooo slack channel to keep everyone updated if we’ll be inaccessible for any significant blocks of time.
As I mentioned, your calendar has been pre-populated with recurring team meetings, a few training and on-boarding sessions, and 1:1s with each of your team members. 
Onboarding Guide in Coda
Your onboarding guide is available in Coda and is packed with resources, reminders, and timeframes for your first couple months [link to Doc]. Please reach out to your onboarding buddy if you have any questions on the doc.
Include details for what documents the new hire needs to bring or have available.
Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to welcoming you on Monday!
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