New Employee Onboarding Template

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About this doc

This doc is a version of Sweat Equity Venture’s new employee onboarding template. We like using Coda for onboarding for a few reasons:
It introduces the new hire to Coda, a tool we use across SEV
It streamlines all resources, tasks, and notes into one surface
We can easily personalize the doc and onboarding experience depending on the person’s role and team

Adding your content

We recommend first updating this doc with all of your company’s resources to create a master template to copy from for each new hire.
Navigate to the page and add the typical new hire welcome email your team sends out.
We include the welcome email in the doc so new hires can reference as-needed.
Update the page with your own onboarding material.
You can create team-specific onboarding templates (eg. Engineering, Recruiting, Product), or have one general template that teams can add to.
We organize our task list by when items should be completed, but you could also sort them by category.
To sort by completion date: there is a hidden column ranging from 1.0 → 5.5 (first number = week, second number = day of week) depending on the day and week when they’re due.
Add so the new hire can quickly access meeting notes and understand the purpose of the meetings they've been added to.

For each new hire

Make a copy of the doc and add the new hire’s name in the doc title.
Update the welcome email with any pertinent details.
Update the start date in the All Tasks page.
Update the Share settings so “anyone with the link” can view and add link in the welcome email page.
Share the doc with the new hire’s onboarding buddy and manager so they can add any team- and role-specific resources.
Typically, 2-3 days before the new hire’s start date the onboarding buddy sends the onboarding email (with the manager copied).
It is the onboarding buddy + manager’s role to follow up with the new hire on outstanding tasks.

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