Customer Discovery Template

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About this doc

This doc was created by and as a template for portfolio companies to use to keep track of their customer discovery conversations.
This doc enables you to:
Keep track of Target Companies and Contacts
Log Action Items, Status Updates and Meeting Notes
View roll-ups of collected information without any need for copy/paste

Quick Tips

Familiarize yourself with the structure of this document.
Track the companies you are talking and add new ones here:
Each prospect will have its own section under the Companies folder. To create a new one, just duplicate this section () after creating a new company.
Review the template of the survey questions that you'll ask each company in

Adding a Company

Navigate to
Click the Add Company button
Click Add Survey Questions to add the survey questions in this template ().

Adding a Company Section

Navigate to
Click on the three ellipses (...) next to the section title and select Duplicate Section.
Rename the section to the new company name and move it to the companies folder.
Change the Select List on the top of the page to the new company name.
Cut/paste the select list on the top of the page to the bottom of the page, as it's not necessary to see anymore (but is necessary for the formulas in that section).

Managing Interactions with Companies

Use the buttons on the top of the page to add a status update, action item, contact, or meeting note.
Tip: Use Coda's big cell feature to type richly formatted text in any cell. Press the expand icon that appears in the bottom right of any cell that you're editing. You can use this to easily add richly formatted text (bullets, headers, bold) in any cell. Alternatively, you can use Shift+Enter in a cell.
Select the New Meeting Note button at the top of the Company's page
In the view, click on Notes line and click the Expand Selection arrow at the right side of the line
The notes are easily formatted and expanded

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