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Susan M Davis

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Susan M Davis

Doc Maker, Database Developer, Consultant, Programmer

Who is Susan Davis?

Check out my , or my for more information on that.

More importantly, Why am I here in Coda?

I have been waiting for something like Coda for years. My favorite boss once tossed a box of software at me called Lotus Notes and told me to learn it and that we were going to develop our Sales Force Automation in it and it would be my project. Lotus Notes was unique back then in that you didn’t have to create the database structure BEFORE you started writing. In fact, you could extract data from a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet and use that data in calculations and in views. But Lotus Notes didn’t stop there. You could have fields in documents and access those as tables as well and it interfaced with the Lotus email software and their Lotus Organizer. I have actually tried to find an old copy of Lotus Organizer that will still run. In my opinion it was the best personal organizer on the market. It was functional and beautiful.
Lotus Organizer


To be perfectly honest, I stumbled upon Notion before I found Coda. Notion was good. It was beautiful. My only complaint with Notion was that it did not truly handle relational tables well. You could build them but it required more manual work and the look of the tables when editing them just wasn’t quite what I was looking for. As a note taking app though it was far superior to Microsoft’s OneNote that I had been using!
I am always looking for tools to do something better and I love technology and especially automating tasks. Someone wrote an article comparing Coda to Notion. Then I tested Coda and I was hooked!
Coda has it all, ok maybe not “all” but so much that it feels like “all” to me.
First, it’s simple.
Second, it’s powerful!
Third, it has packs that can integrate with popular apps.
Fourh, now Coda let’s you build your own packs!
This means Coda will only get better!
That Lotus Organizer I used to long for, I no longer miss. With Coda I have replaced dozens of other apps that I used to use to track various things. I can run a household or a business in Coda not just with ease but can make those applications look how I want them to look. Whether I want just a down and dirty spreadsheet to figure some numbers or I want to make a doc that has enough visual aesthetics to make me smile when I use it, Coda can do it.

How Can I Help You?

I love working with Coda, solving problems, automating things and helping other people improve their workflow and their lives. My years of consulting and working with various companies gives me a varied background and the ability to come in and see a workflow from a new perspective. I can quickly observe how work flows are currently working and often see areas that could be improved.
Coda, like my old friend Lotus Notes, allows the users to start building something the way they want to see it. Once the user has some concept of what they want and hits that wall of things they haven’t yet learned, I can help them by:
Building more complicated formulas and logic
Give them some ideas for how best to achieve their goal
Teach them the how and the why behind different solutions
Help them take their doc and their doc-making skills to the next level
If you want the prettiest visual Coda doc, to be honest, then I am not the best choice to help with that. I can add some visual improvements, adding icons, etc., but there are more talented Coda developers who do amazing visual improvements.
If you want automation, relational tables, process workflows, formulas, training, and design scope, then I might be a good choice to help you. If I’m not, then someone at Super Synchronous will be.

Coda Doctorate

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I am a graduate of the Coda Doctorate program which I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn more Coda skills.
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