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Answers to Those Who Say, "It Won't Work"

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Not with that attitude it won’t work.

Do I really need to elaborate on that statement?

But we did a survey and no one wanted this

Really? Did IT fail or did YOU fail? How much effort was put into it? Did all the current residents live here at that time? Many new people have moved into St Marie in the last few years. You cannot predict the outcome of a survey of people who never before were surveyed.

You can’t ______

YOU probably can’t. Don’t tell anyone else what they can or cannot do. If you give people support and encouragement, they can do amazing things.

Why should I want to pay taxes?

Well, is paying village fees or CA fees getting your roads fixed? Would taxes be higher than the fees you are already paying for services you haven’t been receiving?

But the CA pays for repairs and maintenance to my unit and for insurance

Ok. Yes, they are supposed to do those things but are they getting done? Eighteen (18) roofs were noted at the May 2021 Board Meeting of the CA that needed to be repaired or replaced. Only 6 of those are going to be done this year. That means 12 or 2/3rd of those roofs are NOT getting repaired. What will happen to those roofs when it rains hard? Will they leak? Once the water gets inside your unit now that’s YOUR problem to fix. Can you afford that damage? What happens if it snows and that snow melts? Will you be having more damage because of their insufficient funds to do the repairs needed? When was the last time your unit was painted? How much money have you paid for how many years? How much maintenance has been done? But they mow for me. Can’t you hire a local kid with a mower, give them something to do to stay out of trouble, help them start their own business and pay less than what you are paying now? What happens if those 12 unit owners with roofs who won’t be repaired all file insurance claims when those roofs leak into their attics. They file with their insurance company. What if all 12 of those had the same insurance company and it decided to sue the CA because of their negligence? Can you afford to hire the attorney that would be required to defend that lawsuit? What happens when because of the inability of the board to make the necessary repairs YOUR homeowners policy refuses to insure your unit? What happens if they double your rates because they know there will be more claims because the roofs are insufficiently maintained? The maintenance requirements are greater than the funds being collected. It is only a matter of time before one incident results in your dues being raised to rates higher than you can afford. You can insure your unit with a full home policy for far less than what you are currently paying in dues and you can accept responsibility to maintain your own unit.
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