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Personal Technology Organization

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What's the Solution?

There are really only 2 choices:
Keep doing what you’ve been doing or
Make a change.

Platform Consolidation

You can try to find one app that serves all your needs, but this rarely happens. You can also reduce the number of apps you use which might mean just completely eliminating something from your life. If you can reduce your apps by building an operating system for YOU that works your way and gives you what you need in a neat, organized way, then you can:
manage your technology
make your work flow more smoothly
stay more focused
spend less time searching for things
reduce repetitive searches

Ok. But How?

I’m so glad you asked.
“well, once you learn to organize chaos, the rest is easy!”
I think that approach of organizing chaos is what many people miss in trying to organize their digital life. I think the other mistake people make is choosing something that is too difficult to set up or too difficult to change.
My first attempt to organize my own digital life was building my own web page that was my launch pad for anything I needed to do. Although it solved my problem, it meant updating the web page any time I needed to make an update. I’d wind up stacking up updates to make them all at once and that took more time and was just one more thing on my To Do list.
Technology has improved and more apps have been created and I’ve finally hit upon my perfect solution that works for me.
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