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The Problem

The problem today that I think makes people less productive, sometimes feel overwhelmed and often lose focus on what they were trying to do is caused by too many apps organizing too many things and no organization to their digital lives.

Too Many Apps

Everything we do today seems to have an app associated with it.
You wind up spending time looking for where that app is or typing in the same 3 characters repeatedly to pull up the app via search.
Whether you’re using a browser, tablet or cell phone, you are doing repetitive tasks all day long and a lot of time is spent searching for the item you need to open. How easy is it to get distracted from what you were planning to do when you see another app and think, “Oh, I should check that while I’m here?”

Easily Distracted

Our brains have been changed in this new digital world to be easily distracted by all the pretty icons and we can wind up going down some deep rabbit holes. This is a problem that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Why is it so difficult now not to get distracted and stay on task? Perhaps it’s because of how our worlds have changed and is a RESULT of how everything is thrown at us in snippets vying for our attention.

Too Many Locations

In addition to the easily distracted issue, we also have the too many places problem. Let’s equate this to the difference between living in a one room house and a 14 room house. You know you put your car keys down, but where did you put them? In a one room house there’s only so many options. However, that 14 room house has a table in every room, drawers everywhere, and you have to search every option until you find the keys.
I think all the combine and lead us into what I’ll call APPathy!

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