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How to Use This Doc

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Do you have a ton of sticky notes, notebooks or using various apps to keep track of things? Do you ever have trouble remembering where you put that piece of information you wanted to save?
There are lots of apps out there that let you save your notes. But I find using those apps can be somewhat limiting. I decided to ditch all those other apps and only use Coda for managing my home, work, family, etc.
This doc is just one piece of my overall Home/Life Management doc that I use daily.
Rather than overwhelm you with all that information, I figured I’d just pull out pieces and show you what you can do in Coda.

How to use

Be sure to make a copy of this doc first, so that you can make it your own!

Add a Note

Go Directly to and just add a new note! Simple.
Want to get fancier?
Use the page and copy that published link to somewhere else and then you can take notes from somewhere else.
EXAMPLE: I use to build home pages for myself. I can embed that form on my Page. It looks like this:
While in my browser I can always just open my home page, easily click the link for INPUT at the top and then BOOM, here’s my Note form, (Start.Me page also has other forms going to other Coda doc pages). Click the submit button on that form and BOOM. Note gets input into my Coda doc.

And of course Coda has an extension available for Chromium based browsers. You’ll find that here:
Once you add the extension to your browser, then you can just click the icon in your browser, you’ll see something similar to this:
Then you just add a title for this note, choose the Document name, Table, and column for the URL and select the column you want the title to go into.
That’s it! Three different ways to input a new Note into your Coda Notes doc!
Now what?

Find Notes

One thing I love about Coda is that little search bar on the top left. Type in something like Kill Math and it will go and find that doc and show you. You can be more general and just type Math and it will show you any info in the doc that contains Math (not the actual calculations, though wouldn’t that be cool!)
Use the page and use the filters to select different Categories or Tags. Note that when you select a Category, the Tag drop down changes to ONLY show you the tags IN the selected category(ies).
You can filter by Category, Tag, Action, Done vs Not Done, Date Created, or you can type part of the title in the NAME search box.

Card View

I personally don’t find a card view of my notes that useful, but if you added new columns for other things, then a Card View might be beneficial. I’ve added the page. I use the types to create a board. If you wanted to move something from Read to Research, simply drag it and drop it, or from Research to Save, just drag and drop. Simple!


To make this better suited to you, be sure to:
Go to and edit these categories to be what are most useful to you, or use the categories I started. I made a color coding system to make it easier on myself. Use the conditional formatting on that table to make changes to those colors.
Go to
and set up relevant tags for you. Don’t forget to change conditional formatting if you want the colors to change with different tags.
Go to to create relevant actions for your notes.

Get Creative

Now it’s your turn. Want to do more with your notes? Add a due date field to them.
Create a dashboard page to pull up notes based on today’s date or some future or past date!
As a bonus, I’ve added a table of , courtesy of Scott Weir and his Coda Doc
Use these to make your notes have that little extra something that makes you smile.
Of course, I had to update it by finding the Star Trek icons

Want to Connect with me?

Find me in the Coda Community.
Go to the Coda Community, search for Susan M Davis, find anything I’ve commented on, click my profile photo and you should be able to send me a message. Or just go to the Coda Community messages and start a new message to Susan M Davis.
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