How to Create Cool Nav Buttons

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I wanted to have a navigation bar that I could reproduce on multiple pages of a large doc. In addition to that, I wanted to make a navigation bar to allow me to input any type of record into any table and repeat that button bar across multiple pages of my doc.
This is the solution I found:
just has a few empty tables to insert rows for example purposes.
is where you will find the table that creates the buttons
These are my quick add buttons that are created. Check them out. The first one adds a row to the
NOTE: There is one quirk with this method that I have not figured out how to resolve. When you click one of these buttons, you do see the code pop up briefly before it opens the new row. If anyone knows how to prevent that from displaying, please let me know.

I also wanted a nav bar to be able to change between today, yesterday, last week, next week, last month, next month. The reason for this is that I have several pages that all filter based on the date in a date chooser. I wanted all those pages to change based on changing one date and I wanted to easily from any page be able to move quickly without having to open the date box and choose a date.

Date to Change:

How does this work? Go here to go behind the curtain.
I also got tired of calculating dates so I built a date calculation table. Check out for more info on why I did that and how that works. (Also some useful formulas in those tables for those quirky date calculations.)
And that wasn’t enough so I wanted to see if I could create one way to choose what form I want to work with and be able to input data into any table easily.
So check this out.
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