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Steven Hurtado R. - Resume

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Some curious facts

I love to make:

Travelling plans! 🛫
Docs and automations to streamline my day to day processes 👨🏻‍💻

I collaborate best when:

We all have clear objectives 🎯
A way of visually organizing my ideas 📈

Principles I live by

See Clearly, Act Correctly & Accept the world as it is
Harness the power of compounding every day
"Macropatience, microspeed" Gary Vaynerchuk
"Nobody does wrong willingly" Socrates

I’m always excited to share:

Ideas on making a process faster & easier 🤖
Curious facts I learn reading 💭
Ideas & thoughts from conversations in the Tim Ferriss Podcast (I’m a huge fan) 🙋🏻‍♂️

My favorite Coda building block:

“RunActions combined with SwitchIf in a single button!
A powerful combo to create automations with just one button from the user and multiple scenarios

This year, I want to discover:

New opportunities working in tech 🤓
Biographies that capture me 📚
Powerful tools in the No-Code space 🔧

GIF that describes my process:


My favorite published doc:

What I admire about this Doc:
Easy to use UI and mobile optimization even before Coda layouts were live
The front/back end doc management & sync with data encoding in the URL of a Coda form
Email confirmation format & sending on submission

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