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Human Guided Automation

Our proprietary workflow design process makes routine operations more efficient without sacrificing quality or management visibility
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Pre-built, Intelligent Workflows

Customers can customize our pre-set thresholds for when to trigger automations or route to Manager for approvals

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Worker & Manager Dashboards are the hub of Opsmate's product, combines data from SaaS apps with one click automation triggers

Intelligent Rerouting of Work

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Say goodbye to out of office messages or pings when you're OOO, we intelligently route work to your backup!

Our Technical Diagram


“The automation market: Our opportunity”


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📌 If an Opsmate Standard Workflow were an electrical extension cord, the Opsmate Adapter would be the international plug adapter allowing you to use the cord in any country.
📌 We have built a “universal connector” for all apps that use a REST API

📌 Embedding Opsmate into client systems is manual today, automated in the future

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