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Steve's favorite spots in Korea

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Calm and peaceful getaway spots in the country
Awon 아원고택
Hanok is the traditional Korean architecture from centuries ago. Awon took a Hanok style housing that was a couple hundred years old and transferred it to a mountain in Wanju. It now serves as lodging, cafe, and a small museum inside. Highly recommend it if you want to have a peaceful getaway. It is also close to Jeonju, which has a dedicated Hanok village.
Wanju 완주
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Editorial Jeju 에디토리얼 제주
This is a beautiful getaway spot in Jeju Island. Entire place really well thought out, and the neighborhood is very peaceful. Great spot to collect some thoughts, cook out with close friends (spacious front yard and barbeque equipment to do that grilling), or just to lay low and enjoy the weather.
Jeju 제주
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Douglas House - Traditional Suite 더글라스하우스
Want to spend a relaxing weekend in the city taking in morning strolls, catching up on reading, and just thinking? Douglas House can be your quick getaway. Douglas house also has happy hour, breakfast, and snack time in the building. Nearby, Walkerhill has its own bar and restaurant allowing you to spend the weekend without leaving the site. I recommend the Traditional Suite, which has a beautiful mix of Eastern and Modern elements as its interior.
Seoul 서울
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