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Steve's favorite spots in Korea

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Korea loves coffee
Fritz Coffee Company 프릳츠커피컴퍼니
Interesting brand, good coffee, and great pastries. They began expanding to multiple locations in Seoul. Worth checking out.
Seoul 서울
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Matchacha 맛차차
Right next to Seoul Forest, Matchacha offers a space to enjoy different types of green tea with paired desserts. Most of the seats are by reservation only, so make sure to check availability beforehand.
Seoul 서울
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Busan is the second largest city in Korea. This is a unique space that was rebuilt from an old factory. It now comprises of a cafe, a bookstore, a brewery, a restaurant, and a gallery. The restaurant is run by a Makgeoli, a type of Korean rice wine, company and is worth a stop as well.
Busan 부산
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