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2. Brainstorm

Generate ideas and vote on them


With your team, use sentence starters to generate new ideas.
Everyone add their ideas .
Take time to reach each others' ideas and upvote ones that feels good or worth discussing.
Discuss together, starting from the most voted idea.

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Open to customize sentence starters

Customize sentence starters here, so that people can use them when they
Click to add an idea
Here's a default set to get you started.
Sentence starters
Our users would love it if...
In a perfect world, this product would...
Given recent changes, it might be the right time to...
What if this product would make our users feel...
I've always wondered if...
There are no rows in this table

Open to see the most upvoted problem

@When I change something in one table, it is tedious to have to copy it over to all the other files.
Data live across pages and can be referenced in Coda.

Generate ideas

Click to add an idea
Your ideas will be added to the table below .

Vote on ideas

Ideas will be sorted based on number of likes 👍.
Sentence starters
Our users would love it if...
Users can turn their docs into their personal websites.
Joel Davis
In a perfect world, this product would...
Help users understand how the internet works.
Polly Rose
There are no rows in this table

Want to try more?

You can create additional columns such as 'Discussion notes' to the table.
You can also find this template by typing /brainstorm into the doc.
You can also try .

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