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Check-In / Check-Out
Safety Guide


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General Rules❗❗

👥 NO additional guests or unauthorized visitors are allowed in the house other than those listed in the original reservation. Children COUNT as guests.
⚠️ If it is suspected that guests carry/use illegal drugs of any kind within the property, THE AUTHORITIES WILL BE ALERTED, and the guest MUST IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE PROPERTY.
⚠️ We are not responsible for the safety of any personal item on this property.
⚠️ We are not liable for accidents and injuries that may occur on this property.

*TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME AND PLANET 🏡🌎 (**We are on an island and resources are scarce!).

📩 Report damages immediately.
🔐 Don't forget to lock the house when you leave.
🚭 NO SMOKING inside the house allowed. Any violation will result in a $250 Cleaning Charge.
❄️ AC must be in snowflake mode to cool down and it CAN’T be lower than 70 F (20 C). If it is lower than 70 F, it can cause condensation and damage the walls and other items.
📴 Turn off the lights and AC when leaving the house. Do not use AC when windows or doors are open.
🚽 DO NOT THROW toilet paper (in excess/be mindful), diapers, sanitary napkins, or (non-flushable) wipes down the toilet.
🛏️ No need to wash bedding and towels for check-out. In the situation where you need to wash them, DO NOT mix white and colored together, and DO NOT use bleach.
If towels or bedding are stained (blood, makeup, sunscreen, Clorox, etc.) a fee of $ 15 per item will be charged.
🥡 Trash must be removed DAILY.
🔦 As water and electricity outages might occur, we only review for compensation cases whose time frame exceeds 12 hours.


🧼 Maintain the street and public areas clean
🤫 Quiet hours are between 10 pm to 9 am. No music or loud noises are allowed.
🎉 Parties are NOT allowed.
We will be forced to terminate the reservation without a refund if any of these rules are not respected.


For guests who rent for a month or over, the host will cover $ 200 dollars per month and if the electricity bill is more than $ 200 dollars, the guest will have to pay the difference.

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