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Head of Fellowship Recruitment

🌟 Mission

Amal’s mission is to grow the recruiting funnel to attract and close the best fit candidates into all Fellowship offerings at Formation.

1. Efficiently convert applicants into stable Fellows

At Formation, recruiting is the layer between any application and a signed, paying Fellow. At it’s core, this is about developing long term and short term funnel strategy to efficiently convert Fellows, and adapting and evolving the funnel alongside company goals and market trends.

Establish Sales + Recruiting Funnel Strategies

Be an expert on best-in-class sales and recruiting strategies, and strategically adapting them to fit the needs of Formation’s recruiting funnel. This involves injecting candidate care through personalization and timeliness through all candidate communications. Constantly implementing changes, tracking results and iterating.

Identifying product opportunities

Creatively identify creative product opportunities to streamline and amplify recruiting efficiency and efficacy. Borrow inspiration from tech products that have fundamentally shifted human based systems.

2. Representing recruiting cross functionally

Recruiting sits at the intersection of marketing, experience and instruction, and our Head of Fellowship Recruiting must effectively represent recruiting across all parties to form a cohesive overall strategy for the Fellowship.

Working with marketing to grow brand awareness and applications

Fully understand the general “state of the growth funnel”, with the ability to explain what marketing is doing and how that impacts recruiting, and vice versa. Have a tight feedback loop with the marketing team and provide regular insights about the shifting objections from prospective customers.

Work with Fellowship team to identify the right fit candidates

Work with the instruction team and experience team to establish acceptance criteria for all program types.

3. Own all recruiting operations

Execute smooth and consistent candidate experience

Ensure every candidate in our growing funnel gets the same best-in-class treatment. Set up layers of redundancy so that no matter what happens in a week—people out on vacation, a flood of candidates—you name it, we’ve got it covered. Establish metrics and SLAs to monitor performance and make processes more efficient as we scale through automation, handing off to Athena, and growing the team (see next point).

4. Grow and manage the recruiting team

Hire the right people to do the right things

Work with leadership to establish recruiting budget and identify the right people to fill our recruiting needs. Establish and execute interviews to bring on the right people.

Establish and maintain performance expectations

Drive performance through establishing and holding people accountable to high performance expectations, as well as iterating on processes the onboard and coach new hires. This involves maintaining up-to-date documentation, ongoing coaching on calls and objection handling.
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