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work is at the task level – typically highly repetitive work requiring little to no specialized skill or judgement
source a list of job opportunities
post the weekly All Hands recordings
independently and reliably delivering well formatted work on time with minimal to zero oversight
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work is at the task level – well defined and small in scope and requiring minimal specialized skill and judgement
complete mentor payments
prepare Weekly Kickoff presentation
reliably delivering work requiring minimal context and expertise on tools such as quickbooks, excel, etc.
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work is still at the task level and small in scope but has more creative and execution requiring specialized skill and judgement
write an article for the blog
write a query to fetch interview pass rates
given properly scoped work, able to come up with high quality solutions / deliverables with minimal feedback
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work is at a well defined feature level, may require cross team collaboration to execute and deliver end to end
launch a mentor blog series to establish thought leadership
build auto job hunt application menu once scoped
able to produce reasonably accurate timelines for work and collaborate with multiple stakeholders to deliver work end to end
entry level manager responsible for up to 2-3 junior team members
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work is at a goal level with well defined KPIs, requires cross team collaboration and strategy to drive and report progress against goal
improve session attendance
double the number of recruiter screens
able to drive measurable impact via KPIs and be the go-to resource for a small area of company strategy
responsible for hiring and growing a team of up to 8 team members
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work is at a goal level with larger scope, more stakeholders and / or deeper expertise required
company expert of react, finance, partnerships, etc.
create X # of interview opportunities via hiring partnerships
is the top expert company wide for at least one domain expertise
able to hire and directly manager other junior managers
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owner of a major pillar of the company such as fellowship, product or operations
grow the fellowship 3x year over year
launch the platform
N/A (company is too small to justify this at the moment)
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