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About Social Good

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Main goal

produce independent, young people that have the skills and connections to make a career or be independent creators and makers.

What is Social Good?

Social good is a purpose driven for profit company that has the goal of enacting social good through education, research, discourse and investment.
Aristotle’s definition of Good is when things follow their nature. For example, if you have a good cup, it means that that cup serves its purpose, but if instead the cup had a hole in the bottom, then it would cease to serve its purpose and is no longer good.
Social good focuses on getting results from its students by having them assign themselves, or us assigning them to topics that they want to research, starting with things we already know, we take the arguments from both sides. This teaches people to not be too convinced in their own ways, and for them to question all of their assumptions.
From there, we have groups of students continue to debate and ask each other questions, and ask experts, do research, etc, they then draw conclusions from this research on what they think is the correct course of action, and then demand social change in the form of laws, organizations, or more.

Data for Good

Data is the primary driver for conclusions, and research, we need scientifically gathered data.
We also can create data ourselves, again with the process of scientific method

Journalism for Good

Media and journalism in today’s world is too difficult to determine if things are fake, or even just slightly manipulated, the wording of articles, as well as lying of omission are far too prevalent. Misinformation, disinformation
Social Good is determined to conduct real, true journalism, by broadcasting all of our research, all of our findings, all of our resources, to the public, every interaction, every email, every question, all of it will be available for the public to view.

Content for Good

Creating papers, writing articles, this is the meaning of content
Our papers are our conclusions, conclusions can always be changed, what we think is true, very often is not true, or at least, not all true, and so constant revisions are in order, however, previous versions will never be deleted or removed, just flagged as possible false

Design for Good

Designing graphics, videos, clips, logos, branding, for companies, organizations, or for the purposes of education

Tech for Good

Robotics, cyber security, networking, hardware, anything that has to do with technology, specifically with the intention of making people more tech savvy. For example, able to use tools like excel, docs, github, keyboard hotkeys for windows, mac, linux, organizational tips on getting a better workflow on your computer.

Code for Good

Computer science with the intention of bringing about social change
This is quite big, computer science is without a doubt one of the biggest, all encompassing fields in education currently. The demand for coders, developers, is massive, ones in AI, and dealing with big data are only going to continue to grow.

Research for Good

Doing research and finding resources to bolster all of the above sections, gathering information is the most important aspect of social good, we aim to teach people how to always be skeptical of the opinions, or even facts, that they gather, to find enough of them that they can draw the right conclusions, and to always be on the lookout for conflicting opinions.
These two resources are dedicated to providing transparency, and unbiased opinions, while there will always be some bias, we should aim to reduce it.

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