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Time Blocking Guide

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What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is a time management process that divides your day into blocks of time. Each block of time is dedicated to accomplishing a specific project or group of related tasks and responsibilities.
Focusing on one block at a time of related tasks will make you more productive, versus splitting your attention haphazardly across multiple unrelated tasks.

How it works.

Your Daily & Weekly Schedule
SCHEDULE NEW TIME BLOCKS or view and edit existing time blocks directly in the .

All-inclusive Daily Schedule
Track your schedule by date in a card view. Record any unexpected tasks.

Time Block Metrics
Analyze time block category counts and duration hours. Time your tasks with the stopwatch.

How to get started

Schedule your time blocks directly in the . View by Day, Week, or Month. Record .
Identify your priority levels for each time block, and then schedule the most productive time block hours at peak energy around the high priorities.
Set aside time for both deep work and repetitive tasks.

Block time for relaxation and learning.
Schedule buffers between tasks.
Routinely review and revise your block times, as needed..

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Schedule & edit TIME BLOCKS.
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Time Block
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Copy the doc and complete your set-up. Edit the time block categories and task types, to suit. Then, remember to turn on the two automations: 1. to add checklists, and 2. to update the archive table.

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