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We're so glad that you have said "Yes!" to investing in the next generation.
First of all, congrats on becoming a part of our Skyline Kids team! 🎉 We think real life change begins when you start serving. We can't wait for that to be part of your story!
But first, we want to share some basics about our team, and some things you'll want to know as you get started so that you can feel confident and prepared.

What can I find on this website?

Our hope is that this website is a one-stop-shop for everything you need in your volunteer role. Here’s an overview of the resources available to you:
Curriculum This is where you can access the weekly Curriculum Leader Guides to find out what we’ve got planned for the Skyline Kids service.
Volunteer This is where you can learn about who we are, what the win is and how to implement our curriculum like a pro.

What am I signing up for?

Your commitment is going to look different based on what role you’re signing up for. When you show up, how often you volunteer and what’s asked of you all depend on your role. Regardless of what you signed up for, here are the three things that we expect from every team member:
Show up on time.
Come prepared.
Be present & Have Fun!

What are the guidelines?

Safety is a big deal to us. After all, parents are trusting us with their most prized possession: their kids! That’s why we have created clear and helpful safety guidelines to make sure that our ministry is a safe place for every child. But we’ll talk more about that when we get to the page. For now, just know that every team member is required to follow these safety guidelines because every kid deserves a safe place!

What’s the win?

Our ministry is called “Skyline Kids” for a reason. It’s because what we do in our kids ministry is an extension of our church. It’s not some separate program with a different mission, vision and strategy. Our kids are just as much part of Skyline Church as their parents. That’s why our vision is the same as our church:
Our vision is to help kids find and follow Jesus seven days a week.
If you haven’t already, to fill out a Volunteer Application.

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