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Safety Guidelines

1) Greet every child by name as they enter.
Church should be a place where you feel welcome, and know you belong. Greeting children by name helps them feel welcome in their space and gives parents the confidence that we care about knowing their child.
2) Always maintain appropriate boundaries. Never be one on one with a child.
Safety is a top priority in our kids environments. We ask that volunteers maintain appropriate boundaries in regards to touch (e.g. lap sitting) and talk (e.g. anything that might tear someone down).
3) Never release a child without a matching pick-up tag.
Each child’s name tag will have a code in the bottom corner. Make sure each parent’s pick-up tag has the matching code. If for any reason they do not have a pick-up tag with the matching code, please ask them to see our check-in area to print one. Under no circumstances is a parent allowed to pick up their child without a pick-up tag that matches the code displayed on their child’s tag.
4) The restrooms in our kids building are only for kids.
The restrooms in our kids environments are child-only restrooms. If a child needs assistance, a female volunteer may prop the door open and help the child while another volunteer is within eyesight.

Policies & Procedures

Kids will receive two identical name tags. One is for the child to wear and the other will be added to their group’s roster.
Name Tag Notes
Make a note of any allergies, medical notes or special circumstances that are displayed on each child’s name tag.
We do not allow any physical discipline in our kids ministry. If you have attempted to re-direct the child multiple times without success, let your team leader know so they can help.
Wellness Policy
Children who are sick should not be allowed inside the room. This includes a rash, diarrhea, vomiting, a fever within 48 hours, or cold/virus symptoms such as a runny nose that is cloudy, yellow, or green.
If a child gets hurt at any point during the service, please let your team leader know so they can provide any care or attention the child might need. Be sure to fill out an Accident Report and share what happened with the child’s parent during check-out.
Emergency Procedures
If for any reason we need to evacuate the building, grab your group’s roster and calmly lead your kids to the evacuation point on the map posted by the door.
As a kids team, we are mandated reporters. If you sense that a child is in any danger at church or at home, please let a staff member know immediately. Please do not take any action without instruction from your team leader.
Paging Parents
Paging a parent during a service is always our last resort. Paging a parent will be determined by several factors: parent’s request, the need of the child, level and frequency of crying, if they are a first-time guest, etc. Please let your team leader know if you feel we need to contact a parent.
Please do not share photos or personal information about any of the kids in your group without permission from your team leader.
Cell Phones
For the privacy of our children and quality of supervision, we ask that cellphones and cameras are not used in our space during service times.

Nursery Protocols

Diaper Changing
Diaper changing is only to be done by someone 18 or older. (Men are not permitted to change diapers.) Be sure to wear gloves and sanitize the changing area. Make sure other adults are around during the process and let the parent know that they’ve been changed.
Make it a point to ask the parents to write down any feeding instructions for their child on the check-in sheet. Be sure to check the written instructions for each child.
As much as possible, please label any items that a parent leaves with their child.
Toy Cleaning
After all children have left, spray each toy with antibacterial spray and let them air dry.
Holding Babies
When holding a baby in your arms, please hold only one baby at a time.
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