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We Exmuslims are tired of hearing things like:
“Quran has a whole chapter dedicated to women!” - Well how much of this chapter is truly dedicated to women, lets quantify it!
“You are just pointing one bad thing in Quran, there are many more good things in Quran...” - Good for who? Lets quantify male privilege!
It is not a surprise that there are way too many sites that glorify Quran, but it’s hard to find sites that look at these verses from Social Justice, Human Rights, Gender Equity and Scientific points of view. Values and reasons why most Exmuslims leave Islam.


We have access to all the Quran verses with their English translations (see
Broken link
We can tag verses with keywords based on various topics (or categories, for example Human Rights, Pseudoscience etc) which can make it easier to search. And we can further use this ‘tagged’ data to answer questions like, “How many verses in Quran are about women and what are those topics.”
Check out to see what we are working on!
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