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Google Photos Pack

Use this pack to synchronise your photos and albums right in Coda!

What this pack can do

Synchronise your medias and albums from Google Photos. (videos will have a screenshot)
See detailed infos about different medias (ex. camera, iso, date taken…)

Uses cases


Pack is in beta

Why is it in beta?

To test things out and see if I can get any feedback before letting everyone use it.
I also need to submit my app to Google verification process and it can be slow. (a few weeks maybe).

How can I use it?

using your name and email. I’ll grant you access within 30 minutes to 5 hours.
When enabling access to the pack on the Google consent screen, click on the continue button. (the left one)




The pack is limited by .
Essentially, 10K requests per day (ex. list medias one request, list albums one request) and 75K medias retrieval (when you copy a photo from google’s servers).
If you see a 429 error, the pack has likely hit the quotas limits. If so, please contact me directly or I will try to get it fixed!
I watch attentively the pack’s usage and try my best to optimize it so I use less ressources and doesn’t hit the quotas limitations.

See this pack source code

This pack’s source code is published on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!


Request additional functionalities


About the author of this pack

Hi, I'm Sirius! I'm French and currently developing packages for Coda. I'm also renovating a four-story building in France with three apartments to rent to tourists and live in. I share my adventures on social medias and use Coda almost daily!

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