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Im Scott - The Coda Guy, founder of and . We are on a mission to help everyone supercharge their use of Coda.
We have helped dozens of companies all around the world develop custom solutions on top of Coda to solve real business problems, save money, and save hours a week in processes.
Our builders have experience in Coda going back to when Coda was in early private beta and have bet their careers on knowing the product inside and out.
If you demand the absolute best - work with SimplaDocs

We Specialize in

Performant Docs

Without the proper doc design or workflow architecture Coda Docs can quickly become cumbersome.
We specialize in making docs simply work fast. Always.


Lets face it - Coda docs work better when they are integrated with the services your team uses.
We have built over 25 Coda packs and can integrate your Coda doc with anything that has an API

Intuitive Docs

No matter how functional a Doc is, it won’t be utilized unless people both enjoy using it and its easy to learn
Above anything else we create docs that are beautiful and intuitive so the first time someone touches your doc it simply feels like magic.

Scalable Docs

It’s no secret that investing in a Coda Expert is a big decision.
Our Docs are built from the ground up to scale for years to come and include automatic archiving and data management

Some Words From our Past Clients


“Scott's professionalism, efficiency, and skill blew me away. In only a month, he rebuilt or streamlined the documents that are core to our business. The final products were intuitive, beautiful, simple, and outrageously clever.”

Solyom Designs

“I could not be happier with the quality of work and the quality of communication SimplaDocs provided. They were able to effortlessly engage with the complexities of my workflow and turned my bug-filled document into a powerhouse.”


“Coda has quickly become the backbone of our business in every way. SimplaDocs was instrumental in taking our Coda from 0-1, and then bringing solutions to help us grow from 1-100. We'd be lost without them.”

Ria Financial

“Working with Scott was an absolute delight. He asks the right questions and anticipated needs. I whole heartily believe hiring Scott to build out our dream doc was the best thing I could have done for our mighty team.”

BeechTree Woodworks

“Scott has continued to impress our company with the docs he has created for us. We didn't know how streamlined our process could become until Scott created a powerful yet intuitive relational database for us. This doc has exactly the functionality and ease of use that we hoped for. In addition to being impressed with the power of this doc, we're amazed at how quickly Scott was able to understand our company's unique process and needs. This can't be understated. With only a couple short meetings, Scott zeroed in on our documentation chain, our materials and production process, the relations between all of those, and the ways we prefer to use each section of documents within our process. Still in awe. Now looking for more areas of our work to bring to Scott to be streamlined!”

Our Work

Tip: Hover your mouse over the doc name for a description of the document! Or click on the Icon itself to see the document (Yes the Icons are buttons!)
Take a look at some of the example docs below. The examples that were chosen are not meant to mimic a doc that we will create for you, as all our work is created from the ground up.
Rather, these examples are meant to show you the flexibility of Coda and what we can help you do with it
Class Sign Ups
Bears Game

Color Palettes
Project Management
Onboarding Flow

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Get in touch about hiring a Coda Expert. We always offer a 30 min free no-obligation call!
See all the ways I can supercharge your use of Coda or hire a Coda Expert for your project
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