Adding Icons to Canvas

So you want to add icons to the canvas? Read on and follow the steps below to add icons of any size to the canvas anywhere you would like!

Step 1
Type the
anywhere into the canvas to open up the formula editor. It should look like this once you do:
Step 2
Type in the
sign and then start typing anything you want an icon for. It will whittle down and search every icon for you. For example, see below as I search for a bicycle

Step 3
Once you locate the icon you want in the formula editor, you are going to do two things
Draw out the icons URL using a “.” followed by URL
Use the image() formula to transform the URL into an image
Heres the actual formula → @icon.URL.image()

Congrats! Thats it. If you have any questions shoot them into the community or alternatively shoot me an email →
Changing a Icon’s Size
Once you have an icon in the canvas you can use arguments within the image() formula to change its size. Here are some example of icons at different sizes (Hint: Right click into the image to see the actual formula)
Icon at image(150,150)
Icon at

Icon at

Icon at

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