Housing Matters
Assign Volunteers to Rooms

🧹Cleaning Assignment |
Mace Windu

👋 Hey there
Mace Windu
You have been assigned to clean Room
[  ]
We are so thankful to have you with us today and appreciate the help more than you can know. Housing Matters really could not run without your support and hours.
The job you have before you of cleaning rooms is so important and cannot be undervalued. For a resident off the street, coming into a clean room communicates a sense of value to them as an individual that you get to be a part of.
Below is a list of the tasks that should be accomplished during each room clean and a list of the supplies you should expect in your bucket. If you are missing any supplies or have any questions about the cleaning tasks don’t hesitate to ask the hostess!
Cleaning Supplies
General Purpose spray
Clean Rags
Toilet wand
Broom / Dustpan
Paper Towels
There are no rows in this table

Cleaning Tasks

Take off bedsheets and throw outside door
Spray all flat and hard surfaces with general spray and wipe down
Windex and clean all windows (Inside and out)
Vacuum floors (vacuum provided in room closet)
Sweep hard floors
Swiffer bathroom floor
Clean toilet (inside and out)
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