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Enterprise Finance 馃帀

Thanks for choosing as heart and soul of your financial accounting operations.
We're working hard to ship new features, updates and fixes to create more and value for all you and making you more productive. Below is a list of what we have shipped in each of our recent releases done since

17th May 2021 馃

Enhancements 馃摌
If Purchase invoices put on hold due to discrepancy are added into payment entry, forex payment, JV and adjustment entry a warning confirmation message will come on save and submit to make sure you are not making payment for purchase on hold by mistake
In estimate tabs in edit mode user will now be able to see live total of total estimate income, expense and margin while adding new estimates or editing the existing ones
Configurable eInvoice sales print template for RCM cases

Fixes 馃О

For overseas sales invoice, for e-invoice submission case legal name of the overseas party will be now be taken as per customer master instead of address master

13th May 2021 馃

Features 馃挜

Configure fields of shipment as per logistic product and your company鈥檚 process to be printed on your sales invoices
Configure columns related to shipment in the shipment wise Annexure being printed in case of consolidated sales invoices
Credit note approval authorisation will now only authorise specific role user to approve credit notes, without their approval credit notes will not get submitted

Enhancements 馃摌

In job-wise summary and GP analysis report we have added group by and filter for shipment created by allowing management to review performance of CS and Operations teams
In Freeze transaction setting we have added support for purchase invoice, which will now block submission of purchase invoices as well once transaction are freezed till a particular date

Fixes 馃О

Filters, pivots and columns added/removed will get saved in GP analysis report as well

6th May 2021 馃

April 2021 馃

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