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Operations Hub 馃帀

Thanks for choosing as heart and soul of your shipment operations.
We're working hard to ship new features, updates and fixes to create more and value for all you and making you more productive. Below is a list of what we have shipped in each of our recent releases done since
20th May 2021 馃
17th May 2021 馃
Enhancements 馃摌
Create shipments from customer orders and bookings which have been cancelled to book spot cancellation charges incurred and raise bill to customers
From LCL customer order and bookings you can send booking confirmation to customer with stuffing cutoff and carting location details and send cancellation notification if order is cancelled due to any reason
Fixes 馃О
Fixed error which was not allowing ETD and cutoff changes at same time in a port call in voyage schedule
Fixed error which was not allowing update of voyage schedule at time of booking split
13th May 2021 馃
Features 馃挜
LCL operations workflow 馃摝
Create LCL customer orders and add co-loader booking details, update pickup, carting details, share updates with customer and create shipment from booking once cargo is carted from LCL pre-alert pending report
Enhancements 馃摌
Summary-card in shipment detail screen will now show
Details around whether its FCL/LCL, what kind of stuffing or destuffing and what kind of movement is happening in case of ocean import shipments
In case of hazardous shipment, haz icon will appear as well
Remarks entered will now appear in the message icon appearing next edit action and you review and update remarks at shipment level from their
Fixes 馃О
Fixed error in cancellation of air customer orders
Fixed origin / destination agent not changing as per the branch selection done at shipment creation and editing
10th May 2021 馃
Features 馃挜
CFS and ICD stuffing workflow - Add stuffing type and service provider from FCL customer order booking stage, add loose cargo pickup details along multiple dimension type handling and track milestones like pickup and carting done at customer order level
6th May 2021 馃
Features 馃挜
Agent pre-alert report now configurable from job-wise reports with an additional support for following fields - AMS Number, AMS Date, Destination transport agent, Destination clearance agent, Notify party, Shipping line service type, Stuffing type, Stuffing location, Destuffing type and location
Enhancements 馃摌
Filter option activated for Container status column in Loading list report in ocean module
In Loading and Gate in pending report of ocean module following columns have been added - Haz or non-haz, Sales person managing that customer order
Fixes 馃О
Fixed sorting function available on ETD date in all ocean booking and container reports
4th May 2021 馃
Features 馃挜
You can now create your own workspaces Generate cargo arrival notice document in air import shipment just like you use to do in ocean import shipments
Enhancements 馃摌
Added support for following fields in ocean import shipments - destuffing type, movement type, movement location, line and subline number of IGM
In Loading confirmation email notification added booking number and BL number as columns
In Gate in confirmation email notification added booking number
In case of haz shipments, additional instruction related to DG indexing will be shown in the SI/BL reminder email notification
In loading pending report have made document handover action at container level as and optional milestone, this means you can directly mark the loaded on vessel milestone of containers without marking document handover milestone
Now user who have reserved AWB stock will only be able to create booking from it and no one else be able to use it for booking
Unreserve, reserved AWB stock option will be disabled for all users except the user who reserved the stock and the user with AWB stock manager permission
April 2021 馃
Features 馃挜
Unified navigation 馃摚 across all three modules - booking, documentation and finance. Seamlessly sign-in and navigate from one module to another without book marking urls for the various module separately
Consol helper and customer order 馃洬- Create customer orders for air export and import shipment just like ocean, convert them into shipment and create consol shipments by selecting house shipments. Easily link/delink house shipments from consol shipments as per actual operational flows
Import customs flat file to create shipment 馃泝 - import Indian customs .sb .be files to create export and import clearance shipments easily within in minutes without any double entries
Fixes 馃О
Fixed email layover not opening in case of marking BL as surrendered in origin
Fixed Consignee, Shipper, Notify Party, Container tare weight and Destination Agent not coming in Released HBLs print copies

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