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How To Enable New Gmail View

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable the new Gmail view or disable it in your account.
By merging Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet into one spot, the new UI can provide an integrated experience for Gmail. The new UI will also have a whole new user interface for the user, which looks very similar to the Outlook UI in my opinion.

Enable New Gmail View

The new UI is being rolled out in stages by the Google team. The new UI will be sent out to Rapid Release domains and individuals with personal Google Accounts on February 11, 2022, according to the official release. You’ll get a pop-up notification in your Gmail account once the new UI is available for your account, inviting you to sample the new Gmail look.
To apply the new appearance to your Gmail account, click the Try it Now button.
In your web browser, the Gmail page will reload, and the new Gmail UI will appear.

Restore Gmail’s Classic User Interface:

If you don’t like the new Gmail UI and wish to turn it off, take these steps to get your Gmail account back to the way it was:
On your Gmail account page, click the Settings (cog wheel) symbol in the top-right corner.
Now, select Return to the Quick Settings flyout and click the original Gmail view link.
Gmail will prompt you for a reason for disabling the new interface; you can type a reason or simply click the Reload button.
Your web browser will reload the page, and your email account will revert to the old Gmail UI.
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Re-enabling New Gmail UI:

If you prefer to utilize the new Gmail UI again in the future after turning it off, you can do so by following the instructions below:
On your Gmail account page, click the Settings (cog wheel) symbol in the top-right corner.
On the Quick Settings flyout, click the Try out the new Gmail view link.
Gmail will inform you that you must reload the page in order to see the new UI.
Click the Reload button to do so.
When you reload the page in your web browser, the new Gmail UI will appear in your email account.

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