Talent Mapping Template
Talent Mapping Template

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Set up Boolean Strings

A Boolean String is a great way to set up a more targeted Search within LinkedIn. This will help filter out irrelevant profiles, so the search results are more likely to yield promising prospects. You can set different search terms to narrow the results using a boolean string.

Quoted Searches

In quoted searches, you can reference multi-word phrases that you want to have appear exactly as you type. Use this first in setting up search, as this will be what narrows things down the most.
Example: “Product Marketing Manager” vs ”Director, Product Marketing”

Parenthetical Searches

This is used to combine search terms for more complicated searches
Example: if you want a SVP or VP Marketing, but not an EA who supports these folks or someone who is only at a Director level, you could write “VP (NOT assistant OR Director)”

NOT Searches

Use this to weed out candidates who are not a fit.
This can be done for weeding out companies (ex: if you do not want to see Codans in your search, you could write NOT Coda) or for weeding out titles (ex: if I am looking for a PMM but only at an IC level, I could write NOT “VP” OR “Director.”)

AND Searches

Use this when combining search terms, if there are multiple job requirements.
Example: For our open Data Engineer role, we would want to see that a candidate has both SQL and Python experience. For this, we could write “SQL AND Python” to only show candidates who have both.

OR Searches

Use this when you have requirements that can replace each other
Example: For our open Data Scientist role, we would be ok with. someone who had either Python or R experience. For this, we could write “Python OR R.”

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