Take Home Exercises for Hiring

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Take Home Exercises

Create take home exercises for hiring with the help of AI.

Why a role exercise?

Role-related exercises are usually given to candidates before meeting with a team, and vary depending on the role and industry. They are often used to assess a candidate's skills, knowledge, and abilities related to the role.

How to set up your exercise.

You should clearly state expectations for the candidate, the exercise prompt(s), clear output for what you are looking for in the finished exercise, how much time they should spend, and resources available to the candidate. See below.


Introduce your exercise
Define time requirements and expectation
Exercise Prompt
Clear output for finished exercise
See examples
Not sure where to start?

Ready to get started?

Not sure where to start? You can use AI to help brainstorm and draft a role exercise according to the role, level, what you’re evaluating for, and expected time commitment.



At Coda, we believe that people can build docs as powerful as apps to address problems for different audiences. You'll often talk to industry peers, hear their challenges, and think "I bet a Coda doc could solve that!" For this exercise, we wanted to simulate that experience and see how you engage with Coda.
This exercise should take a few dedicated hours, and to be submitted within a week or so (do let us know if additional time is needed.) We are also here to work through any questions related to the exercise.

Exercise Prompt

We'd like you to choose one of the scenarios below, with Office Manager / Event Planners as your target audience. Think about the problems and needs of folks in that position (perhaps you can relate?!), and then build a doc that would make their lives and your life easier.

Select a Scenarios
Office Reservation System

Office Reservation System
Build a reservation tracker in Coda so employees can do the following:
Book a reservation to visit the office
See which other employees are visiting on that day
Check on what office capacity will look like every week to ensure we’re adhering to limited capacity
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Your completed exercise should be a working coda doc solution that someone in your role would use.

Feel free to use any publicly available information about Coda as you construct your Coda doc, including , the , and the .
And of course, don’t hesitate to ask us questions!

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