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Duration: 45 mins

Part 1

As part of the onsite you'll be diving into a project with a couple of our team members. Please think of a project that you feel will best highlight your accomplishments and skills, and come prepared to talk about various aspects of the projects. Include relevant details.
Who is the candidate meeting with, and what is the goal for the session?

Part 2

Here at Wonder, we are very mission oriented and firmly believe in the product and the vision. We would like you to build an understanding of the product and think about why Wonder is the right place for you.
To help you with this question, we would suggest you become familiar with the product, and see what parts resonate with you, and which aspects you find confusing, and what things you would suggest we improve. One of the ways to do so would be to go through the ...
A few examples to help you get started:
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blog link

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