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The Ramen recipe in my head, now on paper
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Raw Ingredients

Ginger (thumb sized)
Garlic (full head)
Sesame Oil (a few drops)
Miso (2 tablespoons)
Chicken Breast (8 oz)
Chicken broth (2 cartons).
This happens to have 1/2 carton of veg broth as well
Onion (1 medium)
Green onion (2)
Shitake Mushrooms (2 hand fulls)
Sunflower Oil (or any vegetable oil)
Tamari (soy sauce, coconut aminos fine too)
Bok Choy (not pictured b/c wasn’t on hand so you can use any green veggie like gai lan)
Sesame seeds
Ramen noodles
Black Pepper (tiny bit)
White Pepper (tiny bit)
Sriracha (tiny bit)
Fish sauce (tiny bit)
Eggs (3, not pictured, already had eggs for breakfast)


Pots (2)
for boiling water
for soup
Knife (8 inch chef or 6 inch veg)
Cutting board
Small cup for
Large metal bowl
Wooden spoon
Soup serving spoon
Measuring tablespoon & teaspoon
Garlic press
Eating with
Large soup bowl (if possible, )
Chop sticks
Spoon ( or ceramic )

🔥 Cooking Schedule

Mise en place

The foundation: Mix together in the side bowl
Minced garlic (through )
Grated ginger (with )
Sesame oil
The base
Dice onions
Spice mix
Black Pepper
White pepper
The vegetables
Thin slice mushrooms, unless they are tiny then keep whole.
Thin slice bok choy and cut off the bottom, unless they are tiny then keep whole.
Scallion greens
Sesame Seeds
Nori (can be the )
More garlic (because it’s important)
View of On heat

🍻 Serve


Bottom: Noodles
Middle: Pour soup over
Garnish: Scallion greens, sesame seeds, extra garlic, nori, egg (cut in half)

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