Payment Setup

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Settlement Account


How to Create Settlement Accounts

Settlement Accounts are nominated accounts for payments received from parents. To create a settlement account follow these steps:
Click “New bank account”
Select the bank name, type the account number and give it a title
Click “Create bank account”
To edit an account, Scroll to the account and click the three dots by the right, then click ‘Edit”

To set any of the accounts as your main account, follow these steps:
Scroll to the account
Click the three dots by the right
Click “Set Main”
This means that whatever monies come into your Schoolable account will automatically by re-directed into that main account.

You can search for a settlement account, if you have many, using the search bar, or Filter. To use filter, do this:
Click on “Filter”
Select either the bank name, or the Account number, or the account identifier, or the Account name, or the dates between when it was created.
Click “Set filter”

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