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Sending invoice notifications


How to Send Notifications for a Single Invoice

Scroll the invoice you want to send the notification for
On the top-right corner, click “Send Notification”
By default, the notification will be sent via email, but you can also select if you want it to be sent to the guardians via Whatsapp
Click “Send notifications”
If you agree to send the invoice via Whatsapp, it will notify the guardians that there is an outstanding invoice for their kids. An email will also be sent to them.

NOTE: This is only for a one-time send. The system has other mechanisms through which you can automate notifications and reminders to keep reminding families that are still owing to pay up.

Past Requests

Scroll to “Invoices”
Click “Generate Invoices”
Scroll to “Past requests” and click on it
You will see a list of all the invoices you’ve generated in bulk.
To send notifications, Scroll to the particular invoice you want to send the notification for
Click on the three dots by the left
Click “Send Notifications”
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