Payment Setup

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Payment Link

Your payment link is a link to a page of your school where parents can go to select specific payment items they wish pay for their wards and make payments, after which an invoice will be generated, and the payments recorded in your transactions and settled into your nominated bank accounts the next day.

Settlement Preferences

Settlement preferences helps you choose where you want your settlements to be recorded. If you want your settlements to be recorded in your Schoolable wallet (account), Check the button “Settle invoice payment into my Schoolable wallet”.

Notification Preferences

Invoice Notifications
To set invoice notifications, click on the column under Invoice reminder frequency and choose the frequency of invoice renders you want to sent to parents.
Admin Notifications
Click on the column under Whatsapp Numbers to add the numbers of the admin officers you want to notify whenever payments or settlements come in.
Check the buttons under Invoice Notifications to select the type of notifications you want to send to your admin officers whenever a settlement or an invoice payment is made
Payment Addons
This shows the service charge on invoices.
NOTE: The service charge is fixed- #300
The school can decide to bear the charges on invoices and in that case, would be the ones to pay the sum of #300. That is, if an invoice is #10,000, if the school bears the service charge, the sum on #300 will be deducted from the #10,000 and a sum of #9,700 will be settled into the school’s account.
To bear the payment charges as a school, Click on the column under “School pays” and type 300. Then scroll to “Parent pays” and erase the 300 and fill 0 instead.
If the school wants the parents to bear the service charge, the sum of #300 will be added to their invoices, so they would pay #10,300 instead of #10,000. To do this, click on the column under “School pays” and type 0. Then scroll to “Parent pays” and type 300.

Click “Update School Settings to update whatever changes you make to your Payment Preferences.

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