Payment Setup

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Payment Items


How to Add Payment Items

These are the bits that make up a school’s fee. They are the different items on the invoice that students pay for. To add a Payment item follow these steps:
Click on “Account Setup” and click “Payment Items”
Click “New Payment Item”
Give the payment item a title and add a description if you wish
Select what term(s) it is applicable to
Type the amount of the payment item
If the fee for the item is optional, tap on the icon “Can be paid optionally”, otherwise, leave it if it is Mandatory
Select the account for the payment item from the list of settlement accounts recorded on your system
If you want to create a new bank account for a payment item, click “Add new bank account”, fill in the details and click “Create new bank account”

NOTE: If you do not choose a bank account for the payment item, it would be saved under your default bank account, that is, the one you added while setting up your account.

How to Update, Delete, or Download Payment Items

To update a payment item:
Scroll to the payment item, click on the three dots by the right and click “Edit”
Edit the information and click “Update payment item”

To delete a payment item
Scroll to the payment item and click on the three dots by the right.
Click “Delete”. A confirmation box will pop out, Click “Yes! Delete it” to delete.

To download the payment item report, click “Download payment item report” and the report will be sent to your email.

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