Employee Payroll

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How to run Payroll Monthly

To run a payroll, follow these steps:
Click “Pay Employee” and click “Run new payroll”
Under Step 1 (Set Up), you will see the names of the employees you have enabled for payroll
Click “Save & Continue” to proceed to Step 2 (Review). Here you get to see a preview of the numbers and the total amount before submitting the payroll.
Click “Submit Payroll” if you’ve confirmed the numbers. The payroll will be submitted and the amount will be deducted from your salary, automatically, on the date stipulated for the employee’s payment.
Click “View Summary” to view the total amount that would be paid out from your account, the number of employees you will be paying, the scheduled date for the payroll and the pay slips charge.
To cancel a payroll, Click “Need to cancel payment”. A confirmation box will pop up, click “Yes” to confirm cancellation.
Go back to your dashboard to view your payroll history, and to see the payroll status of every employee.
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