Generating an invoice

Single Invoices are generated for individual students. To generate a Single Invoice, follow these steps:
Scroll to Invoices and click “Generate invoices”. It will automatically direct you to Generate single invoice. (What’s this?” explains what a single invoice is).
Click on the column “Choose a student”. A list of all the students in your school will pop out. You can type either the first name or the last name, or the registration number of the student you want to generate the invoice for, to easily identify him or her.
Select the student.
Click on the column “Choose payment items”. A list of all the payment items in your school will pop out.
Select the payment items for the student by typing the title of the payment item.
Scroll down to view the invoice to be sure everything is correct.
Click Generate invoice and an invoice will be generated for the student.
Click “Send notification” and select the medium through which you would like to send the invoice notification to the parent(s) or guardian of the student.
Click “Send notifications”.
Click “Copy payment link” if you want to send the payment link to the parent(s) or guardian, manually.

When a payment has been made by the parent or guardian,
Click Invoices and scroll to the invoice generated for the student.
Click the three dots by the right, and click “View”
If the payment was made manually, click on “Manual payment" and type in the Reference number (this is the number that easily identifies a student), the amount paid, and if you wish, you could add a note; though it’s not compulsory.
When the payment status has been updated, a payment receipt will be generated. You can send the receipt to the parent or guardian by clicking “Send receipt” and choosing the medium through which you want the receipt to be sent. Click “Copy receipt link” if you want to send the receipt link manually to parents.
Bulk invoices are generated for students based on their class sections or some other groups they belong to. This makes it easy to send invoices to their parents at once, rather than sending for each student in a class group. To generate bulk invoices, follow these steps:
Scroll to invoices and click “Bulk invoices”
Choose the class section, the session & term, and add a resumption date ( this is optional)
Check the “Replace existing invoices” button if you want the new invoices to replace existing invoices. If you do this, however, it will replace all unpaid invoices of students in that class also, and generate new invoices for them. If you do not want to do this, uncheck the button.
Click “Preview” to view the invoices before generating them.
Click “Generate invoices”.
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