Payment Setup


How to create Discounts
Discounts are the extra cuts you give a student to reduce the amount of their school fees. They could be for different reasons such as: Staff child, Loss of a parent (to reduce the burden off the other parents), Consistent patronage of parents with the school, etc. To create up a discount, follow these steps:
Click on “Account Setup” and click “Discounts”
Click “New Discount”
Give the discount a title and add a description if you want to
Select which of the terms the discount is applicable to
Choose how you want the percentage to be basedー percentage or fee
If it’s a percentage discount, type the percent, e.g. 10%
If it’s a fee discount, type the amount you want to deduct, e.g. 20,000
If there is an expiry date for the discount, Click on the column “Select Expiry Date” and select the expiry date for it
Click “Create Discount”
To edit the discount, Click on the three dots by the right and select “Edit”
To delete a discount, Click on the three dots by the right and select “Delete”

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