Adding payments to invoice

When an invoice is generated, there are several ways the invoice can be paid. It can be paid online using card payment or it can be paid using the family account number.
Why would you want to add Manual Payments to an Invoice?
This helps you keep track of how much every family has paid. For instance, if a parents decides to pay tuition fees in cash, or transfers the money to your other bank account, or if you want to right-off an outstanding debt, or maybe a parent did not use the family account number to make payments to you, you can decide to add the payment manually to keep it in records.
How to Add a Payment to an Invoice
Scroll to the particular invoice you want to reconcile payment for
Click on the three dots by the right and click “Edit”
Scroll to the top-right corner and click “Manual Payment”
Add a reference number. If it is a cash payment, add any local reference number you already have in your school. If it’s a bank transfer, input the receipt number that validates the transfer. Basically, you can add any number so far it identifies the payment.
Add the amount
You can add a note to help the bursar or financial officer know why you added the payment.
Click “Mark paid”
A record will show that you’ve added a payment to the invoice. The payment status will automaticaly be updated if it is a part payment or a full payment.
Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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