The SAVVI Concept Model defines concepts such as
... and so on, and lays out how they work together to enabler data to flow around .

Why a Concept Model?

A Concept Model
can be the foundation of a more detailed Logical Model, which in turn, can promote interoperability via message formats;
can identity where taxonomies can define shared terminology for data sharing and collaboration
can give a structure for ‘discoverability’, and for catalogues of successful patterns

Views of the Concept Model

There are 25 concepts in the whole SAVVI Concept Model, and this can be too much to take in at one go. We have split the concepts into the Use Cases that follow the phases of the .

The whole SAVVI Concept Model

This view of l gives
a diagram of the whole model
a definition of all of the concepts
machine-readable renditions of the model

Other views of the Concept Model

Concepts can be selected and arranged to highlight particular ideas and activities. We have defined ...
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