SAVVI Sprint Notes

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February 2024

Written by SAVVI Project Manager, Shelley Heckman

SAVVI Projects

Wigan Civil Contingencies Project
The case study has been rewritten and is complete except for the Executive Summary. This will be complete and will be ready to be published in March.
SAVVI Rural and Island Child Poverty Project
We hit a significant milestone in this project in February which was the development of a data reuse proposition including the lawful basis and legal gateway for crisis grants applications (Part of the Scottish Welfare Fund) that are administered by local authorities for addressing child poverty. The SAVVI process enabled the three council’s involved to form considered opinions on whether data reuse is legal from its original purpose to the new purpose. The councils are also looking at options afforded by the Digital Economy Act 2017 for other reuse propositions and requests for data from external source organisations.
This has been enabled by the use of the SAVVI process and information governance framework to define the new purpose and vulnerability, risk factors and a risk policy and how the required risk factors can be derived from data sources.
GMCA’s Supporting Families Data Mesh Project
SAVVI and GMCA met on 6 February and agreed that SAVVI will develop definitions using SAVVI standards to express the data flows within the project so that they can be replicated in other supporting families programmes.

SAVVI Standards Adoption

CDDO Cross Government Working Group on Vulnerability Standards:
A full meeting of the CDDO Vulnerabilities Cross-Government working group was convened on 27 February 2024, chaired by Didac Fabregas-Badosa, CDDO and Nicholas Oughtibridge, NHS England. At the meeting, the work of the Vulnerabilities Modelling sub group was presented.
New collaboration with LGA on reuse of DWP data
On 7th February, Paul Davidson and Shelley Heckman from SAVVI met with Jenny McEneaney and Kate Cooper from the LGA to discuss the possible opportunities to collaborate on the re-use of DWP data.

SAVVI Stakeholder & Funder Engagement

Digi Leaders PSI Week
SAVVI has been invited to speak at the Digileaders PSI week, on 12 March 2024. The preparatory work for this (pre-recording of the presentation) has been completed ready for submitting to the Digileaders PSI week co-ordinator.
A blog has been written on the Projects Update by Andrew Humphreys

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