SAVVI Sprint Notes

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December 2023

Written by SAVVI Project Manager, Shelley Heckman

SAVVI Projects

SAVVI Rural and Island Child Poverty Project
Andrew Humphreys (SAVVI Coach) and Nailah Ukaidi continue to work with 3 leading local authorities providing support and contributing to the development of a collective proposition to reuse Local Authority data and a collaborative application to re- use data from other bodies to identify ‘vulnerable individuals’. The output is expected to be agreement on an approach that is lawful, fair and transparent and authority to reuse data received from other sources for the new purpose(s).
Wigan Civil Contingencies Project
The SAVVI team walked through the first draft of the Wigan Case study on 20 December. The case study continues to be iterated.

SAVVI Standards Adoption

CDDO Cross Government Vulnerability Working Group - pre discovery Meeting
A pre-discovery meeting for the product specification 1 (modelling) was held on 6 December with a subset of the cross-government working group. The first product specification is about developing a concept and logical model for vulnerabilities. At this pre-discovery meeting a small group of experts from across HMG met to:
hear and learn from different government departments about the concept models that they are either developing or have developed within their organisations
understand, among other things, the concepts that underpin how departments approach identifying people or households who may be vulnerable.

SAVVI Stakeholder & Funder Engagement

LDF Project Board
Shelley Heckman attended the LDF Project board on 6 December where we gave a brief update on the latest with the SAVVI project.
iNetwork Q3 Executive Board Meeting
Shelley Heckman presented an update on iStandUK and the SAVVI project to the iNetwork Executive Board.
Scottish Government Higher Education Meeting
On 19 December, Shelley Heckman and Paul Davidson from SAVVI met with colleagues from the Scottish Government, Improvement Service and Argyll & Bute Council to understand how the SAVVI approach could help to support the widening of access to higher education. The Scottish Government is interested in a scalable approach across Scotland to regarding those at risk of poorer educational and employment outcomes, as they relate to Free School Meals uptake/entitlement.

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