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AI generated Careers Page

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Create a full careers page with Coda AI

What is this?

This template helps you create a Careers page. You just have to fill a few columns, Coda’s AI assistant does its magic and that’s it! You have a fully functional and informational Careers page where candidates can apply. You can publish the page so that its accessible to the worldwide web.
Go to page see what the result looks like.


(Replace everything in green in each table)

Step 1: Fill the Our Story table

Company name: Fill in your company’s name
What does your company do in a few lines: Here you can fill in details about the company’s origin story, main focus, branch/office details, total funding raised etc
Values: Here you can include the core values of the company in a few lines.
Life at our company: Talk about life at your company here. Mention some of the perks you offer.

Step 2: Add images in the Images table

Upload some wholesome images from your workspace/office.

Step 3: Fill the Open Positions Table and Perks table

Job Title: Fill with job title
Experience: Total experience you expect for the role in years
Qualification: Minimum qualifications to be considered for the position
Tools: Skills/tools you expect the candidate to be familiar with
Location: Enter the location of the job posting.
Right click on the “Apply” button and the change the URL field to your redirect to you recruiting software of choice.
After filling all the columns hide Experience, Qualification and Tools columns. Right click on the column heading and click Hide.
To fill the Perks table just enter the Perk Title and AI elaborates it
After you’re done, hide the Maker Doc and publish.
PS: you can edit the Open Positions page as well to suite your needs.
Our Story Table
Images table
Open Positions Table

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