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Open the cards to see more information, including location, who they are supported by, and need to knows. This is a great place to link out guides for each exec.

A note on permissions

As an EA, you know that personal preference and trust are always top of mind. We would recommend discussing with your exec where classified information lives, and who should have access to it. Here at Coda, our CEO and his EA have a doc shared between the two of them, that stores his personal information, notes, etc. There is a separate doc with resources, musings, and tools and tips to work efficiently with him, this doc is open to the entire company.

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Amy Hall
Ted Smith
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Sarah Wright
Samantha Timmerman
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Maggie Barnard
Tiffany Tweeds
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Joseph Baker
Jana Ellis
man in yellow hard hat and yellow helmet climbing on rocky mountain during daytime
James Perry
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Christina Yael
Jane Doe

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