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Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader
Our founder, , is transparent about her learning disability and has found a great tool to help her with her slow scanning speed. If you are a slow reader or an auditory learner, consider using the Read Aloud chrome extension.
Sarah uses it to read Trailhead and long emails...and picks the British female accent. You can read the words highlighted and slow down or speed up the speaker. It even helped her pass her Advanced Admin test in May of 2018!
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Vlookup vs. IndexMatch
Are you using VLOOKUP to wrangle data from different sources into a single spreadsheet? VLOOKUP allows you to match data in different rows with a common identifier so data in one row are accessible in the other as well. Even if you have been using VLOOKUP for years, you may not know there is another, easier, way to do this using two formulas instead of one. Check out 's article for an in-depth, actionable explanation:
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