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How to set up a Salesforce Campaign for a Hybrid Event

As we move into Events Season, many nonprofits are still planning to include a virtual or hybrid option for donors. Have you needed to set up a Campaign in Salesforce to reflect a hybrid event?
What are your best tips for a successful hybrid event?
Step 1: Create a Campaign
Step 2: Add Member statuses of Sent, RSVP Yes - In-person, RSVP Yes-virtual, RSVP No, Attended, and No Show
Step 3: Add members to your campaign via a report
Step 4: Update statuses as people RSVP or check in!

Turn on Enhanced Email

Did you know that enhanced email in Salesforce allows you to see if a contact has opened your email?

Engagement Plans and Levels

Did you know that you could also use campaigns to manage major gift prospects?
Try creating a campaign called Top 10 Prospects with statuses of "Prospecting", "Donated", "Disqualified", and "Declined". Pair that with cultivation tasks through engagement plans and you can keep prospects organized! Learn more about engagement plans and how to build them here:
Interested in learning more? Be sure to follow us for our Engagement Planning Implementation Plan Workshop coming this winter!

Salesforce Security

Our clients often feel overwhelmed by the different levels of access and security they can customize in , so to help break it down our founder, , created this short video.
Knowing who needs access to which records and assigning it can seem daunting, but we're here to help!
Is your organization's security as tight as it could be? Sarah can take a look and provide some suggestions for free, just fill out our contact form --->

Salesforce Productivity

One of the most helpful tools we find our nonprofit clients aren't using enough is Lightning for Outlook or Lightning for Gmail. These plugins allow you to log emails straight from your inbox.
You can also search, edit and create records, including tasks and even use Salesforce email templates with merge fields related to another Salesforce record, like an Opportunity.
Click the link to get the instructions ---->
Note: Lightning for Gmail and Lightning for Outlook must be enabled from the Setup menu in Salesforce to work with your org.
Bonus tip: Nonprofits - did you know you could get Google Workspace donated to you? Visit this link to learn more ---->

Adding accounts to Campaigns

An idea 14 years in the making. Finally with the Summer 21 release accounts can be added to campaigns!

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