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STEP 3: Consider your business + brand growth in 2024

STEP 3: Consider your business + brand growth in 2024

1. What are your growth/project/brand ideas for 2024 that aren’t revenue streams? (i.e. grow your Instagram, hire for a role, rebrand your website)

2. Folding these into your revenue priorities, which are highly important to accomplish before a stream launches, naturally come after, or you would pause if they compete with making revenue and you have to choose?
(i.e. I can launch without a new website but I want help in the inbox otherwise I run out of time to sell on social media)

3. Which few steps in the Funnel of Love are your top priority in 2024 to grow your revenue with less overwhelm?
Create 1st Priority, 2nd Priority + Consistent Growth headers. Place only 1-2 in each priority category with the rest under consistent growth as we want to move them all forward in a year but can’t do them all in a powerful way that will affect growth.
2021 Elegant Excellence Mastermind
9 Categories inside the Funnel of Love
List Building
- Finding + flirting to get her on your list with champagne

Ongoing communication
- Building the relationship once she opts in/follows

Emotional health
- What’s really going to improve our outcomes?

Financial health
- Business finances, launch data, numbers analysis

Going steady
- Ascension. Buys this, then that. Also improve the product/service.

- Branding

Systems health
- Processes, organization

Dream team
- Leadership + management

Dream life
- Time management, work/life balance

Priority 1

Priority 2

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